Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sooo long Steve Jobs..

Steve Jobs passed away today.  It's a sad day for innovation in the computer/electronics business.  His visionary ways created a slew of new high tech devices that we never knew we couldn't live without.
From the Mac to the iPhone to the OS X software created to work seamlessly between each, he inspired and created some of the worlds best new ideas.  He brought our world into the future faster than we could have done on our own.  My first Apple was a LCII.  16 Mhz speed, 40 MB hard drive, floppy drive and small color screen.  At the time it was very cool.  I remember spending over $2200 on it, which at the time was more than I probably should have spent, but from then on I was indoctrinated into the Mac Culture and I never looked back.  From there I bought a Performa then a PowerPC tower and now I am still using a 7 year old Powerbook.  And ya know what?  It still beats our desktop PC that is supposed to be more than 2 times faster based upon the GHz speed rating.  My power book is only a 1.25 GHz but I still love it.  I'm saving up for a new Macbook Pro since the newer software isn't compatible with the older laptops but I'm in no hurry as it still works great.  I can only hope that Apple continues to design and produce the quality products they've been making since Steve retook Apple from it's spiral downward several years ago.  Somewhere up in heaven there's a guy upgrading all the computers and software..and won't heaven be an even better place when he's done, because he sure made our world better while he was here.  Sooo long Steve, you will be missed!